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Bob - Thank you again for all of your help today.  It was a pleasure working with you. I feel like I learned about the house today and your suggestions for upcoming repairs and maintenance was extremely helpful.  The report looks great and is very thorough.

Thanks again,

Brian, Cleveland


Thanks Bob. It was really nice to meet you today. You were extremely thorough - but more importantly easy to understand and kind. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone in need of an inspection. Thank you again!

Llew, Cleveland


I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family - you were even more thorough than I expected and I feel secure in knowing that you know how to do your job to perfection.

Brandi, Brecksville


Thank you for all your help. We greatly appreciate it and feel at ease moving forward with the insight you've provided.

Steve, North Olmsted


Thanks Bob. And thanks again for the in-depth report and time spent yesterday. It was helppful to walk through all aspects of the new house.



Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reports and for all your work on this. These are really great and I think the walk-through with you yesterday was really helpful to Eric and me. After thinking about it more and thanks to some of your insights, we really feel that it might be a bit much for us to bite off right now to take these on and are going to pass. Thanks again! You were great!

Best, Anna


Thank you so much for the report and for taking the time to walk us through the house -- and explaining everything -- it will be invaluable for helping us maintain it in the future.



Bob, Thank you for being so prompt and professional in your inspection assessment. It was truly my pleasure meeting you. I have reviewed the report and found nothing of concern in your report.


Connie & Doug,  Berea


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